Hello or good evening depending on what time you are going to watch this video. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to be with you every Monday to give you health advice . This video is made for people who are obese and who do not know how to lose weight or who have already tried several diets but can not lose weight, this video is made for people who are hypertensive and who can not to balance their blood pressure, this video is made for people who are diabetic and who despite all the diets that they are given, they have difficulty in being able to balance their blood sugar, this video is for people who are in families who are predisposed to having diabetes, this video is also for people who are wellness lovers and would like to live long and healthy lives.

Yes we are going to talk about an interesting topic which is the ketogenic diet. This diet which was created in the 1920s by doctor Dr Russel Wilder who worked on children who suffered from epilepsy and who set up this diet because we were looking for an alternative to fasting because it had become difficult to leave of children fast for days.

Please stay until the end of this video. It's right away with Sweetdoctor. As I said earlier, we are going to talk about the ketogenic diet. Who has ever heard of this diet? Let me know in the comments. And tell me how? It is true that I have already said enough about this ketogenic diet I invite you to go to my page because Dr olivia already has almost 42 videos on YouTube.

So I invite you to be able to go to my page and to the end of this video because I will put the video link on it and you will be able to understand more about what it is. Today the particularity of this video on this diet is to be able to tell you that it is possible as an African to be able to practice this ketogenic diet because on the internet we only have American meals or European countries and Africans will ask themselves the question of why they have to eat western food? while doing the ketogenic diet with African meals.

I am here to address your concern today. In Nigeria there are several YouTubers and several people who have blogs that are already trying to be able to make ketogenic menus compared to Nigerian culture but unfortunately in French-speaking Africa, there is really no one who has ever had to be able to work on it.

So I would like to invite those who want to train on it to be able to do so. You should know that the ketogenic diet is not something that is invented on the internet, but it is doctors who put together this diet. As I said, this diet was created in the 1920s by Dr Russel in children with epilepsy when we were looking for an alternative to fasting and this ketogenic diet mimics the effects of fasting.

This ketogenic diet is a diet that aims to be able to use glucagon which is the other hormone that can be used to convert fat into energy through the process of lipolysis. The body can just store energy. This is precisely why when you do not eat you will not die because you have reserves. Like a wise mom who runs errands and puts in the fridge and then stores the couses in the freezer in such a way that if there is no more food in her fridge then she will use the meal stored in the freezer to be able to feed.

It's exactly the same with this ketogenic diet. We realized that when we ate fat and reduce the sources of sugar, then the body entered ketogenic so that is to say, use glucagon to be able to burn the fat that was stored in the form of energy. So this ketogenic diet is a diet that can significantly reduce the amount of sugar in the diet and the problem in Africa where I come from, the problem is supplements.

Most supplements we eat are extremely high in sugar and people eat very large portions of these supplements and it is for that explains why in this area, although there's plenty of other elements that are good people develop health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease problems such as diabetes high blood pressure because it all stems from there and in other tribes these problems come from excessive alcohol consumption .

So concretely speaking of the ketogenic diet, it is possible to be able to do this diet in Africa. I will take a few examples that I will be able to detail with you and for those who would like a particular follow-up I ask you to be able to go to my Facebook page sweetdoctor you will have my contact where you can contact me in stainless steel and I can follow you for free because i am here to help.

I'm here to be able to make you healthy this is something that works because i lost all of my pregnancy weight on this ketogenic diet and i am healthy especially when you really know how to do it. You can have what is called KETO FLU so you need to know that you need to take keto fluids such as magnesium and potassium and take lots of salads to avoid constipation.

Concretely there is in the central region a meal called OKOK that is not only found in the center but in other regions as well, but the preparation is different. This meal is purely ketogenic you have palm oil which comes from palm nuts, you have peanuts which are actually ketogenic when taken in adequate doses because it still contains sugar and we have these leaves inside.

So if you make this meal and you don't put sugar or if you can't eat it with salt, you can put substitute sugar then it's possible to be able to do this ketogenic diet. You just need to accompany with a little bit of supplement and take your OKOK precisely whether in the bassa area or at the center.

We have at the coastline what is called Ndolè when you really use it either with avocado oil or olive oil at the end of your cooking. But especially not the vegetable oils that you can in markets such as Diamaor, Mayor which are the sources of bad fats and that will give you bad cholesterol which you can eat your ndolè and you accompany it with a little stick and for those who cannot do without couscous, you can accompany it with cabbage couscous or cauliflower couscous.

It is possible to make couscous with cabbage or with cauliflower or with eggplants. It is really possible to be able to make couscous. You will just grind your cabbage in a blender, you will recover this paste after removing all the water inside and adding fibers. Here in the United States we have a lot of fibers that we can put to be able to make the dough consistency but I think that for those who are in Africa you can use the oatmeal powder that you have crushed or you use a little starch powder to make your couscous firm.

This couscous thus obtained is low in sugar. You can accompany your Ndolè, you can accompany your okra sauce, you can accompany other sauces which are quite sticky. There's also as other sources of lawyers bold as you can take breakfast. Avocados are a good source of fat was the eggs that are very good sources of fat in contrast to studies that have been made in the past now it is proved that the eggs have nothing to do with the occurrence of elevation of bad fats which are triglycerides.

Eggs are very good fats since that note needs cholesterol to synthesize certain hormones such as testosterone, therefore we can not get rid of cholesterol. Eggs have been proven to be a complete food, so when you take them, they are filling and nourishing and one of the nutrients that they don't have is vitamin b1, so you just need to take nutritional yeast.

you can have your salad made with avocado, made with romanian salads , with cabbage which you can eat in the morning but not with white bread because white bread is sugar, the whole plan contains fiber but it is also sugar. Please eat your salad so you can cut a little chicken or some sausages for those who eat.

Like you, I did not know that I could do without bread but I assure you that you will be satisfied. I thought before that it was impossible but I assure you that you can do without bread. But if you can't do without bread, I recommend making your own bread for those who have a baking oven. You are going to use coconut flour so you can turn your coconut into flour and use it to make cakes as well.

This flour is good for making bread or using almond flour, it is an alternative to wheat flour which is high in sugar. So it's possible if you can't live without bread to be able to make your own and use substitute sugars that won't impact your blood sugar. It is possible to have your breakfast with EGGS at your convenience boiled, eggs in the pan, or omelettes you eat it as well and you can garnish it as you wish and according to your taste.

You could use avocado oil. In the country where I go there are enough avocados so you can easily extract the oil from the avocados to have avocado oil because it is a very good fat that you can use for cooking. because can be heated to high temperature. You can also use it to make your salads. And for those who can have olive oil, I recommend it and I really advise you to use it to make your vinaigrette; olive oil + cider vinegar or lemon or lemon , you put a little salt and a little pepper.

And I advise you here since you are on a ketogenic diet to consume sea salt because it is very rich in electrolytes. At home, I bought pink salt, we call it pink salt because it is rich in electrolytes and in my salads, I put nutritional yeast which is very rich in vitamin b1 which I pour over it. I advise you to also take electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium so as not to be in deficit in its electrolytes.

If you do, you won't have the problems of KETO FLU. At first it won't really be easy because when you wean yourself off sugar it's the same as when you want to quit alcohol or cigarettes so I know it's not easy to be able to quit with high sugar diet has a very low sugar diet. The transition is often difficult.

That's exactly why I'm here for those who can, for those who go on the internet, you can do your own research to learn more about it. But as a doctor, I am here to help you adapt to this new diet and support you. My Email contact will be at the bottom of this video but for my WhatsApp contact you will have it on my sweetdocteur professional Facebook page where I post every week.

I invite you to visit this page, you could learn more because I cannot say everything on YouTube OR through my Facebook page you could benefit from a lot of other health tips. Doctor Olivia is a doctor who is open and a doctor who researches. He is a doctor who does not just stay in conventional medicine that we learn because I care about being able to satisfy my patients.

My desire is to be able to see patients being in good health because there is no point in being able to force oneself sometimes with methods that do not work when there are other alternative methods that can really help them. patients to be able to feel good. As a source of protein, we have chicken, we have meat, we have eggs, chia seeds for those who are vegetarians, we have tofu for those who are vegetarians and who do not eat fish or meat.

We have mackerel which is a very good fat and also a good source of protein and salmon is also a very good source of fat for those who consume it, sardines also when you reassure yourself that inside there is water or olive oil but not the sardines with vegetable oils because they are not good sardines.

The principle here is to eat good fat you can eat mayonnaise but a mayonnaise that has been made with avocado oil not mayonnaise made with other oils because it is really not oils that are recommended and therefore you can really indulge yourself through this diet you just need to know what to eat, especially the proportions of sugar that you must not exceed.

Because in tomatoes, in onions, in peppers, in cabbage, in the salad we find sugar but in very small quantities. And for those who concern fruits this is where many are going to have problems because people are used to taking fruits but I assure you that most fruits are extremely high in sugar and it would be really difficult to be able to make a ketogenic diet with most of its fruits.

But you have cherries for those in Africa who have a low glycemic index, we have grapefruit which also has a low glycemic index you can take just a small slice but not a whole grapefruit and if you want to take cherries, just a handful of cherries. Here in the United States we have more choices because in the berry family we have BlackBerry, Blueberry, strawberry which are the families of strawberries really have a very low glycemic index and that we can consume in small proportion but not bananas, oranges, watermelon all are extremely high in sugar, and are not recommended for this ketogenic diet .

Now are you going to tell me how to actually live? Do you have to live like this all the time? no. So when you have reached your goal, when you have achieved your weight loss or your blood sugar will return to normal or your blood pressure will start to normalize, you can treat yourself from time to time, you can choose one.

day of the week or when you are invited to ceremonies, you can indulge yourself but by eating your fill when you are really full you stop it is useless to continue eating when your body no longer wants to eat because if you insist, then the rest will be stored because the body would already be quite full and above all avoid snacking all the time and for those who are on the ketogenic diet and who sometimes are a little hungry, and who cannot wait for their next meal, you can take a little olives for those who don't like olives, you can take a few handfuls of peanuts whether roasted, whether boiled because the peanuts are t ketogenic but if it's boiled, you just have to take a little bit anyway, it's better to take it in its most natural form possible to be able to help you get past this hollow and it's a good replacing instead of chocolates or candies, cookies or crisps stuff like that they really go that will really increase insulin secretion.

I say thank you for listening to me. Thanks for watching this video. I'm here to answer your questions. I'm here to answer your suggestions, don't hesitate to share this video to edify your entourage, to tell them about this ketogenic diet, if they didn't know at least with this video, they will learn that it is possible to to be able to go on the ketogenic diet with African meals and to be able to improve their health because the most important thing is to know that the health comes from what we put in our mouths and if you know how to eat? then you will have good health.

We will say next week for a new advice on health.

Source Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNiKilQfQOk

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